Sunset greenhouse

photoshop, procreate, after effects - 8" x 10" - 2019

In this dream, you come across many lands, but none is so serene and peaceful as the stretch of greenhouse that holds the glowing white strawberries. Sparkles gently drift through the air and vines gracefully fall over the crumbling structure. At the end of the path is a door. Do you dare go through it? This is a dream after all... right?

One of my favorite color palettes to work with is a split complementary purple and yellow color palette. I love the fantastical air that seems to exist within the color palette itself, so I wanted to create a scene that I thought would reflect this. 

Below you can find my creative process and how I worked to illustrate this story.

creative process: Step 1

sketchbook work

My sketchbook is the place where my ideas are basically spread out, trimmed, and put together into a cohesive piece. I'll usually have several thumbnails, maybe with some side notes, references/inspirations, and possible color palette ideas.

creative process: Step 2

procreate sketch

This is one of the first pieces that I worked with light rays in. I love looking at scenes that have rays of sun streaming through windows. The illumination always seems to bring a sense of wonder and peace to the space it is lighting up, and I wanted a similar feeling in this illustration. I did initally play with the idea of having ghost cats in the scene, but I ended up deciding to leave the magic to the color palette and the scene itself rather than having a literal subject that said "other-worldly."

creative process: Step 3

photoshop rendering