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bird's eye medical

I worked as the Brand Designer for Bird's Eye Medical, a company that was started in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are devoted to bridging gaps in healthcare access around the state of Washington.

The team at Bird's Eye Medical works in collaboration with the Washington State Department of Health, local departments, and community-based organizations to provide services related to the prevention, identification, and treatment of infectious diseases. Furthermore, they work to identify opportunities for improvement and equip your organization with real solutions such as providing medical staffing, strategic planning, reducing barriers to medical access, and improving patient engagement at every level in order to help you meet your goals.

My job was to create a logo that represented a company that started in the Pacific Northwest. I was specifically asked to incorporate a bird and the colors turquoise and yellow. 

The beginning

I started out with looking at birds and the different shapes they made when in flight. I wanted to create a visually dynamic logo that worked to embody the company's identity of being creative and fast with targeted solutions.


I started out with the idea of incorporating wings with the Asclepius Rod to symbolize the name of the company and the purpose behind it. However, most of the ideas came out to be either too clunky or too complex for the direction I was trying to go.

The last few images of the slide show the designs I decided to fine-tune and present to the client. I decided on these four because of how dynamic, minimal, and free the designs were. Additionally, I wanted to give the client two different style choices, one being on the more abstract side, focusing on the wings of a bird, and another that was more literal in its depiction.

Visit bird's eye medical here

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