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boldly b.e.e.: case study

in collaboration with:


This case study was conducted during an AIGA SPU event called Branded. This 12 hour long collaboration hosted at Seattle Pacific University's Art Center brought groups of 3-4 design students together along with teams from the Business School to create a brand for each business proposal. The goal of this event was to cultivate the real world experience of working with a client and on a team of designers. As one of the two illustrators on this team of designers, it was interesting working with them and seeing how our different skillsets could be used to support each other and come to a better solution.

Business proposal:

Boldly B.E.E. is a company focused on the empowerment of formerly incarcerated young women ages 16 - 21, "Queen Bees," through employment that inspires participation in environmental sustainability. The program provides ample training opportunities for bee keeping, practical job skills, and community integration through our 12-18 month part-time employment program. 

Be involved in a supportive community where you can learn and grow your employment capacities while exploring your interests and participating in apitherapy.


For this project, we started with getting a sense of the company, the mood they were trying to convey with their brand as well as their overall goal for creating the business itself. 

After bringing together a list of possible assets, we got to work on designing the logo.

the logo

The biggest challenge for this logo was figuring out how to represent bees, honey, and the company itself without falling into the plethora of bees and hexagons that already make up a wide range of logos.
Together, we worked to stretch and align the shapes in a way that was new and invigorating, utilizing diagonals and negative space to create an overall look that was the epitome of a queen bee.


After nailing down the logo, we got started on utilizing the brand for assets such as packaging, labels, and other visuals where the face of the brand would be expected.

The final logo was something that we were all proud of and more importantly, something the business students felt truly represented who they were as a company.


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