Inktober 2018

India Ink on Mixed Media Canson Paper - 4" x 3" - 2018

One of the best decisions I've ever made was to challenge myself to complete Inktober back in 2018. If you haven't heard of Inktover, it's a thirty-one day drawing challenge by Jake Parker. This drawing challenge not only helped me to develop my inking skills using a brush and india ink, it also pushed me to create on a daily bases, which furthermore helped me develop a style for drawing environments. I started this drawing challenge with the goal of getting better at drawing immersive environments because it was an area I felt very weak in. Because of my growth and the overall fun I had with this challenge, I look forward to what I will learn in future Inktobers.

Sketchbook Work

The sketchbook work for these drawings were a bit different from my usual flow of work. Since I was also balancing school and work alongside this drawing challenge, there was limited time to develop each prompt. While I was working towards completing this drawing challenge, it was also important that I didn't neglect my school work, so I learned how to work at a faster pace and to streamline my process.