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golden hour

The greenhouse had been long abandoned. Maybe it used to be part of a bigger picture; an extension of a once grand manor that once stood tall. And yet, its stature has been reduced to the pillars which seem to be held up only by the vines and ivy that have grown to cover most of the structure. It is obvious that Mother Nature has done her part to take back what she deserves. Vines climb gracefully up the beautifully architectured columns, and warm sun floats through the window, illuminating the room in a golden glow and warming the fur of a cat who has found a home in a place that has long been abandoned.


One summer, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, Italy for an art history class. The city seemed to live and breathe the art that still stood from ancient times, so it was like the city had this magical air to it already. I loved seeing the different types of columns and how they were incorporated into the different structures. The columns stood so tall and strong, and this is something I wanted to bring into this piece. ​


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