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Hyacinth falls

The Underworld, though a world the deceased dread traveling to, is a land full of terrible beauty; rivers flowing with memories long forgotten and water that sweeps away all time and weakness. However, few know of the waters that fall into the river the color of the inner folds of a pink rose and surrounded by hyacinths holding the regrets of the living. Only the Queen of The Underworld herself, Kore, could create such a beautiful and woeful place.

For this project, I wanted to explore an analogous color palette using the hues of blue and red. As with many of my pieces, I also wanted to portray a sense of magic and wonder as well as elements that invite the viewer to imagine what may be beyond the bounds of the illustration. I envisioned the point of view to be that of someone who was seeing the place for the first time, so I worked with different points of focus.

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