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She had to make it to the right exit, the right portal that lead back to her world. Her people needed the life-restoring stardust that fell in plentiful showers. But which ladder was the right one? There were so many of them and this strange place seemed to go on for forever. Would she even make it back in time?

This piece was originally a project in university where we took a fortune from a fortune cookie and created an illustration from what it said. The fortune cookie that I had said this: "In every enterprise, consider the outcome." I wanted to create a space where there seemed like there were an overwhelming amount of choices to make and a great amount of uncertainty. I was also interested in creating a space reminiscent of a world one might explore in a video game. When I later revisited this piece in my last year of university, I wanted to create more depth in and a character that appeared to be more confident despite the uncertain circumstances. Additionally, I wanted to push the sense of movement with a star shower as well as create a more defined space by showing the ladders leading to "concrete" portals in the sky. Overall, working on this piece helped grow my love for drawing environments as well as working with this lovely color palette.


The first edition  |  2018

Ladderscape  |  2020

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