Rain Garden

photoshop, procreate - 10" x 8" - 2019

When you think of your safe place, is it in a library surrounded by stories? Or is it snuggled up next to your family while you watch a movie? Is it in the midst of a garden? Rain pouring down, texturizing the air and the world outside your window? Is it warm? This is my safe place, and this is how I imagine it to be.

One of the aspects of being an artist that I believe to be most important is to create the things you love; create something that brings you joy and makes you feel safe. This piece was illustrated at a time where I felt really burnt out. It was like the inspiration tank that I normally go to was empty, and I'm not going to lie, it was discouraging. So I made this piece to remind myself of why I love to draw. On a general level, it's because I love to tell stories within the images. I love drawing the little details that make up an overall piece. And I love creating a space that I would want to visit and explore. 

So welcome to my safe space. I hope you can find rest and peace as you listen to the rain and admire the plants in my garden.

Below you can find my creative process and how I worked to illustrate this story.

creative process: Step 1

sketchbook work

My sketchbook is the place where my ideas are basically spread out, trimmed, and put together into a cohesive piece. I'll usually have several thumbnails, maybe with some side notes, references/inspirations, and possible color palette ideas.

creative process: Step 2

procreate sketch

While I usually work on composition and color palette choice in procreate, for this piece, I decided to also color block the shapes before I brought the file into Photoshop. Not only was the work flow uninterrupted as I continued to work in Procreate, I also found the interface easier to use for this step because the gestures in Procreate are so much more natural in my own personal experience. In the future, I think it would be fun to work with Procreate and bigger illustration pieces to see what I can create with the drawing program.

Below is a timelapse of the work I did in Procreate.

creative process: Step 3

photoshop rendering

For this project, the only parts done in photoshop were the shading and other portions of rendering. Compared to some of my other projects, this project's workflow was one of the more enjoyable, which taught me more about my creative process and how to streamline it even more.