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Mountain eggs

In this world apart from ours, mountains are not born from the earth's plates colliding and pushing up the ground, but rather from a spherical shape that slowly cracks open, spilling water, land forms, creatures, and plants in order to continue giving life to the dying planet beneath. Who knwos what one might discover?

For this piece, I wanted to create a space that looked similar to our world and additionally took the concept of floating islands to another level. I asked myself the question: what if floating islands produced life and revealed something new to the world below it? Furthermore, I worked to really push the atmosphere in this piece to portray the asbolute mass of the mountain eggs as they started to hatch. Through this, I hoped to make the world seem larger than it may have initially appeared. Additionally, no new world is complete without an adventurere of some sort so I included a rogue-like fox character who is sure to make appearances in in my future worlds and adventures...



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