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rainforest room

As the rain streams down your windows, you wonder which plants the little droplets of moisture will go towards helping grow. Will they catch in the pitcher plants, adding to the mixture of alluring sweet juice and partially decomposed rainforest creatures? Or will they puddle on the ground, slowly seeping into the earth to water the towering giants that guard your small little home? These things you wonder as the sound of the rain hugs you like a warm blanket, making you feel safe and like you are finally where you belong.


This piece was made with my ideal room in mind. Plants from floor to ceiling, growing along the walls and across the doorways; a full, indoor jungle (sans the spiders...).

My goal was to create the sense of a safe space in the middle of a place that is lethal to many creatures. I worked to create warmth within the glass-enclosed room and then a sense of danger by surrounding the enclosed space with carnivorous plants and a dark, rainy scene.


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