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the red forest

There’s a certain type of magic that seems to live in a forest that’s covered in snow. Maybe it’s the silence that is so loud you feel it in your bones, or the blankets of snow that keep the flowers warm while they sleep. Who knows but the cold crisp winds and the souls of each unique snow flake that envelope the earth with the feeling of winter.

The first time I visited this concept of a snowy forest, I wanted to create a space with an interestingly shaped tree canopy, a sense of cold, and an adventure that is underway. When I revisited this piece, I wanted to push these things further, so I worked with the shapes of the tops of the trees as well as with the overall sense of the space, using the heavier berry bushes to contrast the delicate, almost lace-like shapes of the top of the piece. Additionally, I further pushed the cold element by going with more blue hues for the overall color of the piece.


the first edition  |  2020


the red forest | 2022

Untitled_Artwork (14).png
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