Golden hour

photoshop, procreate - 8" x 10" - 2019

The greenhouse had been long abandoned. Maybe it used to be part of a bigger picture; an extension of a once grand manor that stood grandly. And yet, it's almost all gone. The glass and columns still stand, but mother nature has done her part to take back what she deserves. Vines climb gracefully up the beautifully architectured columns, and warm sun floats through the window, illuminating the room in a golden glow and warming the fur of a cat who has found a home in someone else's abandoned place.


One summer, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, Italy for an art history class. The city seemed to live and breathe the art that still stood from ancient times, so it was like the city had this magical air to it already. I loved seeing the different types of columns and how they were incorperated into the different structures. The columns stood so tall and strong, and this is something I wanted to bring into this piece. 

Below you can find my creative process and how I worked to illustrate this story.

creative process: Step 1

sketchbook work

My sketchbook is the place where my ideas are basically spread out, trimmed, and put together into a cohesive piece. I'll usually have several thumbnails, maybe with some side notes, references/inspirations, and possible color palette ideas.

creative process: Step 2

procreate sketch

Compared to the final, this work in progress started out in a much more cramped space. I initally wanted the environment to feel cozy and sunlit, but unfortunately, the space ended up feeling cramped instead of the cozy feel I was going for.
Below is a timelapse of the work I did in Procreate.

creative process: Step 3

photoshop rendering

For the final piece, I took out all of the big plants, the pots, and the pillows. I brought back the cat I had originally placed in the space which can be seen in my sketches, and I worked to open up the space so that it felt like breathing fresh and warm air. Instead of the horizontal orientation that I started with, I extended the canvas vertically so that the form also indicated the open space. I additionally added more windows and focused on bringing light in that contrasted with the colors of the columns and the plants.