photoshop, procreate - 16" x 9" - 2019

In a world where whales can fly and whimsy is the norm, bones of creatures long forgotten sit abandoned in the valleys of arches, seemingly awaiting the prey they used to so avidly hunt.

This piece was inspired by a family vacation to Arches National Park. The formation of the rocks in each unique, grand formation was so awe inspiring, it seemed like a perfect element to include as a main structure in this piece. My initial concept was to create a piece of work that inspired a sense of awe, and additionally created a sense of danger. I wanted the people who saw this to go and explore the land I created, but to also feel wary and uneasy to do so.

Below you can find my creative process and how I worked to illustrate this story.

creative process: Step 1

sketchbook work

My sketchbook is the place where my ideas are basically spread out, trimmed, and put together into a cohesive piece. I'll usually have several thumbnails, maybe with some side notes, references/inspirations, and possible color palette ideas.

creative process: Step 2

procreate sketch

This is where I figure out the final composition and the colors I want to use. At this point, I have chosen a sketch that I want to develop further, so I work with the composition and the different elements I want to include in the digital landscape. Sometimes the sketch I do in Procreate ends up being pretty similar to the sketch I chose, and other times, the sketch develops into something that has hints of the sketch, but it has developed into something entirely new. 
Below is a timelapse of the work I did in Procreate.

creative process: Step 3

photoshop rendering

After I finish the sketch in Procreate, I convert the file to a PSD and bring it into Photoshop where I start by blocking out the different base colors of each element. Once this is complete, I move onto shading, adding details, and working with blending modes, color overlays, and texture overlays.