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This graphic was created as a fun T-Shirt design. I've always found sayings like, "See ya later alligator," and "After a while crocodile" as creative ways to shake up the everyday interactions people have. Along the same vein, I wanted to create a design that would be just as entertaining as the phrase it was illustrating, so I went a very literal route with the iconography of the graphic. 


From the beginning, I wanted the design to look dynamic. Not only would the ingredients be flying out of the pot, but the steam would also work as a tool to lead the viewer's eye through the piece. 

Additionally, I wanted to convey the movement of the design through the typefaces. 



One of the other ways I wanted to convey  movement of the design through the typefaces.

These are two fonts I found on Pinterest that I thought fit the dynamic feel I was going for. The almost organic look of Gnarly and the seemingly random apertures and x-heights of Playroom work to create a more intereseting composition overall.

gnarly by jason skoog

playroom by jandesummer

First draft

Before finishing the final details, it came to my attention that the type was not as incorporated into the composition as I would've liked. Additionally, the hierarchy between the words and the chicken were competing. 


The solution I found to this problem was to slant the baselines so it looked like the words were pushing their way out of the pot. Furthermore, I moved "What's new" into a spot where it was easier to read.
These changes helped fix the hierarchy as well as make the overall peice look more cohesive and intentional.

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